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May 31, 2022
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There are many innovations in cosmetic treatments among which is a lip flip. It is a relatively new cosmetic procedure that offers a subtle and discreet way of enhancing natural features. The procedure gives a person a fuller lip by just injecting a neurotoxin ‘Botox’ without physically adding the volume. It is a non-surgical procedure that does not increase the size of the lip but creates an illusion of a larger lip. Lip flip relaxes the muscles above the upper lip resulting in the flipping of the lip slightly upward.

How Does Lip Flip Work?

Lip flip is a non-surgical, quick, and in-office cosmetic procedure lasting around 10-20 minutes. The procedure involves an injection that injects microdroplets of a botulinum toxin known with the brand name Botox on the border of the upper lip, just where the lip meets the skin.

The injection aims to relax the muscle, orbicularis oris, that helps in forming and shaping the lip. This results in the flipping of the upper lip outward and upward creating an illusion of a fuller lip.

Lip Flip Vs. Fillers

Lip flip is different from fillers as in the latter a gel is injected into the skin to restore volume. If the gel is injected into the lips it increases the size of the lip while lip flip creates an illusion, and nothing is injected into the lip. Another difference is that lip flip is affordable and less invasive as compared to lip fillers. The results of lip flip can be seen after a week or so while lip fillers show immediate results. A lip flip can last about three months as compared to lip fillers which can last up to nine months.

Benefits of Lip Flip

Lip flip gives a subtle enhancement of the upper lip that is perfect for beginners and those who don’t want much noticeable, attention-grabbing, super-sized lip.

Lip flip also has an anti-wrinkle effect smoothing the vertical lip lines.

Individuals with a ‘gummy smile’ can benefit from lip flip as it makes gums less prominent with a smile. Prominent gums while smiling is due to overactive lip muscles curling the upper lip excessively. A tiny amount of Botox injected into the elevator muscles will make gums less visible and prominent with each smile.

A lip flip is a quick procedure that requires no recovery time. You can immediately resume your normal activities after the procedure.

Lip flip is an affordable and less invasive option to get a fuller upper lip than the lip filler. It is also a suitable option to have a trial before going for lip filler.

Lip flip is temporary so it is a good adoption for individuals who are experimenting with having a fuller upper lip as the results wear off after three months.

A lip flip is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that can help people to have a full upper lip without filler. It is ideal for those who want to subtly define their upper lip or accentuate their pout while still looking like themselves.

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