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Harnessing the wisdom of ancient healers, with a modern and practical twist —our approach to wellbeing is a holistic one.

Whether it’s our bespoke products made with the finest herbs and oils, or our revitalizing treatments that nurture mind, body and soul, everything we do at Angels & Sages is about helping you feel more vibrant, peaceful and connected.

Our path to inner and outer wellbeing incorporates the principles of massage and touch, mindfulness, aromatherapy, and energy healing.

 We hope you find a sense of balance and renewal with our signature therapeutic treatments..

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Like All Great Stories, Ours Began As A Healing Journey...

In December 2007, after a busy day working in the hospital, Dena Bradford nearly died from a ruptured brain aneurysm.

As Dena slowly recovered, she thought about all she'd been through. She was convinced that stress played a part in her illness and she set out on a long journey to learn ways to manage stress and balance her demanding career, health, and sanity (something we can all relate to today!). At a loss with traditional methods, she turned to the folk healing arts and whole body wellness principles that she’d dabbled in during the 20 years before her health scare --this time with a renewed sense of focus and passion.

Using holistic modalities found in traditional indigenous healing practices, Dena experienced a quick and profound shift; she suddenly felt more at ease and peaceful in her day to day life. Events that would’ve triggered her stress previously no longer created roadblocks... she was able to let them float away. She also began to enjoy the mundane parts of life and found enjoyment in life's small moments, moments that would’ve made her bored before.

Angels + Sages Day Spa

As a result, a new appreciation for holistic healing arts and a desire to constantly learn more emerged in Dena. She became a sponge, soaking up knowledge and information, immersing herself in every opportunity, near and far, studying under remarkable healers around the globe, even dragging her family deep into the jungles of Guatemala to witness a rare healing experience. During this 15 year journey of exploration and learning—Dena learned a lot about herself along with a truly valuable lesson, that all healing has a common thread composed of equal parts love, luck, science and the magic of faith.

Thus the name Angels and Sages. A constant reminder of the fact that all healing has a balance of science and faith.

She began aligning herself with doctors and medical practitioners who share a common view of whole person health and wellbeing.

Hence, out of this healing story, and a commitment to healing holistically, Angels and Sages was born and is committed to bringing health and balance to our customers through the highest quality products and services to support you in healing: mind, body, and spirit.

Dena Bradford worked for many years as a healthcare industry executive before surviving a ruptured brain aneurysm and, as a result, became inspired to find healing and balance in her life and to help others do the same. Dena recognizes that stress is a chronic problem in our society, something we all have to contend with, and through holistic healing arts, Dena discovered a new normal, a more balanced approach to life, which has created the foundation for Angels and Sages.

When she’s not working with Angels and Sages, you’ll find Dena running high profile medical spas, and clinics; chasing her children, and racing toward her passions; while attempting to remain present and maintain some balance. It's certainly not easy every day, but she's committed and driven to lead her best life possible and wants you to do the same.

The Nitty Gritty on Dena’s Training + Education:

* Healthcare and Medical Spa Executive

* Graduate Degree in Health and Human Services

* Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration

* Advanced Herbalism Certificate from the Herbal Academy

* 200 hour Meditation Instruction Certificate from the McLean Meditation Institute

* Paq’uo (Healer) - Andean Q’ero Tradition

* Mesa Carrier - Andean Shamanic Lineage

* Earth Medicine School 1 and 2 - Pixie Lighthorse

Various courses and classes with Sandra Ingerman, Itzhak Berry, Puma Freddy Quispe Singon, Dr. Alberto Villodo, Joan Parsi-Wilcox and Christina Allen (Austin Shamanic Center) and many more….

Like all great stories, ours is the hero's journey...

 Soaking up knowledge... 


our leadership team


Please arrive no later than 20 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment. This allows for a stress-free check-in and a time to enjoy a cup of calming tea. To accommodate every guest at Angels and Sages, we may shorten appointment times due to late arrivals.

Please advise the staff of any medical conditions or allergies you may have prior to your service. Your health and well-being are of the utmost importance to us. We reserve the right to reschedule facial. massage, waxing and foot sanctuary appointments if the service may pose a threat to existing skin conditions.

Because your appointment is reserved just for you at the Angels and Sages Spa — we require a 24-hour notice for canceling a Spa Salon service.

Any cancellation made without 24-hour notice, no show or cancellation the day of appointment will result in a $50.00 cancellation fee. Parties 4 or more are under a 72 hour cancellation policy resulting in 100% cancellation fee.

Abusive behavior towards staff (verbal, physical, or sexual) will stop the session immediately and will be considered a late cancellation on your part.

If you are late for your appointment, the amount of time that you are late will be deducted from your service—provided your service can still be rendered. A full service charge will still apply. If your service can not be performed due to lateness, it will be considered a late cancellation and late cancellation policy fees will apply. 

Wear comfortable clothes. Please wear loose fitting clothes for services in the foot sanctuary. You should be able to pull any pant legs up to the knee area. If you want a head, neck and shoulder massage in the foot soak sanctuary, please wear a tank top or loose fitting top.

We are an inclusive spa and high touch spa. We strongly believe in your rights and the safety of our staff members. We will not tolerate any behavior that makes anyone feel uncomfortable. This includes harassment or inappropriate behaviors of any kind. If you ever feel uncomfortable in our space, please notify your therapist or another staff member immediately.


These bowls contain salt. Salt in cuts just doesn’t feel good. We discourage anyone who has cuts, bruising, or any other medical condition to hold off on your foot soak or lower leg massage until you are fully healed.


We get it. Not everyone likes feet being touched. No worries. You can still enjoy the sanctuary with a simple chair massage alone or with a friend.

Angels and Sages Spa offers an adult environment and does not offer services for children under ten years of age. A parent or guardian must be present or give signed consent for any treatments to a client below the age of eighteen. The only approved services are 45 minute services.


Angels and Sages Spa is designed to be a center for peace and tranquility. We request that you talk in quiet tones, and do not take cell phone calls while in the spa services area. If you need to take a call, please step outside.


In keeping with peaceful moments, we do not allow video recording or photography of the services being rendered. This creates a distraction and a personal privacy issue for staff and guests. You are welcome to photograph your group and your experience. Tag us online and we’ll share if you like. 

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Oklahoma City, Ok 73120

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