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7 Ways Routine Massage Improves Your Health

June 9, 2022
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In the modern era, every individual faces daily stress and a pile of obligations, which often puts health and wellbeing in the back seat. When untreated, this can introduce you to a whole array of challenges, both physically and mentally. So, how can you help your overall health without investing too much thought, effort, and time? By implementing routine massage, of course!

After numerous researches, it has been proven that opting for massage therapy at least monthly can greatly improve your wellbeing in contrast to doing it irregularly.

From manipulating your skin, tendons, ligaments, and muscles to applying different variations of strokes and pressure; massaging has so many benefits! That being said, today we are listing 7 reasons why this method should find its place in your monthly or weekly agenda:

Better Posture and Back Pain Relief

Many people are stuck in desk jobs, various house chores, and physical jobs that may induce incorrect poor posture. This pulls in another set of problems such as back and neck pain, along with muscle weakness or pain. Furthermore, the pain puts great pressure on your muscles, causing strains. But luckily, this is where massage comes in.

In essence, massaging your body helps all the muscles to release the tension and relax. By having less pressure you will gain more flexibility that keeps your body in a correct posture and lowers the pain.

Boosts Lymph & Blood Circulation

Massaging promotes lymph circulation, helping your body get free from the waste accumulated, but it also lowers blood pressure by relaxing the body and activating your oxygen intake. In fact, damaged muscles need good blood circulation to regenerate and maintain their health, so undergoing frequent sessions will greatly increase your health.

Improves Mental Health

Not only does massage lower the stress (cortisol) levels through relaxation, but it also helps in preventing depression and anxiety. Additionally, it raises the levels of the hormones we love – dopamine and serotonin. So if you are looking to improve your mood and relax in Oklahoma City, we at Angels and Sages are looking forward to putting you in a feel-good state with our massage therapy!

Treats Insomnia

Say goodbye to insomnia or to any sleep-related problems! Due to serotonin being released, massaging will act as a sleeping pill that can relieve you from any goodnight interruptions. Naturally, we are talking about long-term effects and not just one night.

Boosts your Immune System

Did you know that massaging actually increases your white blood cells and boosts your immune levels? Not only will you feel relaxed but your body will have a better defense system against any harmful elements.

Lowers the Effects of Fibromyalgia

If you are suffering from fatigue, cognitive issues, and muscle pain; then you know how this chronic illness can affect your day-to-day activities. By opting for frequent massage therapy, you will help your muscles relax, stop spasms, reduce pain and let go of anxiety.

Helps with Arthritis

If arthritis is a part of your life, then routine massaging will help you reduce inflammation, treat joint and muscle pain, relieve stiffness, and improve the quality of your sleep.

Do you find yourself in need of some feel-good massage treatment to reap these 7 benefits? Then congratulations, you have found us! We at Angels and Sages in Oklahoma City are dedicated to elevating both your physical and mental health through our massage therapies. Call us now and book your session – 405-607-1701.


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